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AWS Accounts

You can configure multiple AWS Accounts for your Prowler SaaS account.

To get to Cloud management, go to or click the Cloud menu:

Add AWS Accounts

Click the Add More AWS Accounts link to activate the Add AWS Accounts form, then input the AWS Accounts you want included into your Prowler SaaS account.


The Prowler SaaS IAM Scan Role needs to be created in each AWS Accounts you want to configure. Please refer to the Deploy Prowler SaaS Scan Role for help creating the IAM Scan role.

Add an Alias to your AWS Accounts

Use an alias to include a custom name for each of your AWS Accounts configured in your Prowler SaaS account:

  1. Under the Alias column, click the blue pen icon on the AWS Account you want to have a custom name.

  2. Type the desired name, then click on the check mark to save the alias for your Cloud Account.

The Cloud Account alias should be a string with the following format:

  • Minimum length: 3 characters
  • Maximum length: 20 characters
  • Contain lowercase letters, digits, and dashes.

You cannot start or finish with a dash, nor can you have two dashes in a row.