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GCP authentication

Prowler will use by default your User Account credentials, you can configure it using:

  • gcloud init to use a new account
  • gcloud config set account <account> to use an existing account

Then, obtain your access credentials using: gcloud auth application-default login

Otherwise, you can generate and download Service Account keys in JSON format (refer to and provide the location of the file with the following argument:

prowler gcp --credentials-file path

prowler will scan the GCP project associated with the credentials.

Prowler will follow the same credentials search as Google authentication libraries:

  1. GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable
  2. User credentials set up by using the Google Cloud CLI
  3. The attached service account, returned by the metadata server

Those credentials must be associated to a user or service account with proper permissions to do all checks. To make sure, add the Viewer role to the member associated with the credentials.