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Prowler can be integrated with Slack to send a summary of the execution having configured a Slack APP in your channel with the following command:

prowler <provider> --slack

Prowler Slack Message


Slack integration needs SLACK_API_TOKEN and SLACK_CHANNEL_NAME environment variables.


To configure the Slack Integration, follow the next steps:

  1. Create a Slack Application:

    • Go to Slack API page, scroll down to the Create app button and select your workspace: Create Slack App

    • Install the application in your selected workspaces: Install Slack App in Workspace

    • Get the Slack App OAuth Token that Prowler needs to send the message: Slack App OAuth Token

  2. Optionally, create a Slack Channel (you can use an existing one)

  3. Integrate the created Slack App to your Slack channel:

    • Click on the channel, go to the Integrations tab, and Add an App. Slack App Channel Integration
  4. Set the following environment variables that Prowler will read:

    • SLACK_API_TOKEN: the Slack App OAuth Token that was previously get.
    • SLACK_CHANNEL_NAME: the name of your Slack Channel where Prowler will send the message.