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Send report to AWS S3 Bucket

To save your report in an S3 bucket, use -B/--output-bucket.

prowler aws -B my-bucket

If you can use a custom folder and/or filename, use -o/--output-directory and/or -F/--output-filename.

prowler aws \
        -B my-bucket \
        --output-directory test-folder \
        --output-filename output-filename

By default Prowler sends HTML, JSON and CSV output formats, if you want to send a custom output format or a single one of the defaults you can specify it with the -M/--output-modes flag.

prowler aws -M csv -B my-bucket

In the case you do not want to use the assumed role credentials but the initial credentials to put the reports into the S3 bucket, use -D/--output-bucket-no-assume instead of -B/--output-bucket.


Make sure that the used credentials have s3:PutObject permissions in the S3 path where the reports are going to be uploaded.