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Azure authentication

By default Prowler uses Azure Python SDK identity package authentication methods using the classes DefaultAzureCredential and InteractiveBrowserCredential. This allows Prowler to authenticate against azure using the following methods:

  • Service principal authentication by environment variables (Enterprise Application)
  • Current AZ CLI credentials stored
  • Interactive browser authentication
  • Managed identity authentication

To launch the tool it is required to specify which method is used through the following flags:

# To use service principal authentication
prowler azure --sp-env-auth

# To use az cli authentication
prowler azure --az-cli-auth

# To use browser authentication
prowler azure --browser-auth --tenant-id "XXXXXXXX"

# To use managed identity auth
prowler azure --managed-identity-auth

To use Prowler you need to set up also the permissions required to access your resources in your Azure account, to more details refer to Requirements