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Prowler allows you to execute checks based on requirements defined in compliance frameworks. By default, it will execute and give you an overview of the status of each compliance framework:

You can find CSVs containing detailed compliance results inside the compliance folder within Prowler's output folder.

Execute Prowler based on Compliance Frameworks

Prowler can analyze your environment based on a specific compliance framework and get more details, to do it, you can use option --compliance:

prowler <provider> --compliance <compliance_framework>
Standard results will be shown and additionally the framework information as the sample below for CIS AWS 2.0. For details a CSV file has been generated as well.


If Prowler can't find a resource related with a check from a compliance requirement, this requirement won't appear on the output

List Available Compliance Frameworks

In order to see which compliance frameworks are cover by Prowler, you can use option --list-compliance:

prowler <provider> --list-compliance
Currently, the available frameworks are:

  • aws_account_security_onboarding_aws
  • aws_audit_manager_control_tower_guardrails_aws
  • aws_foundational_security_best_practices_aws
  • aws_well_architected_framework_reliability_pillar_aws
  • aws_well_architected_framework_security_pillar_aws
  • cis_1.4_aws
  • cis_1.5_aws
  • cis_2.0_aws
  • cis_2.0_gcp
  • cis_2.0_azure
  • cis_2.1_azure
  • cis_3.0_aws
  • cis_1.8_kubernetes
  • cisa_aws
  • ens_rd2022_aws
  • fedramp_low_revision_4_aws
  • fedramp_moderate_revision_4_aws
  • ffiec_aws
  • aws_foundational_technical_review_aws
  • gdpr_aws
  • gxp_21_cfr_part_11_aws
  • gxp_eu_annex_11_aws
  • hipaa_aws
  • iso27001_2013_aws
  • mitre_attack_aws
  • nist_800_171_revision_2_aws
  • nist_800_53_revision_4_aws
  • nist_800_53_revision_5_aws
  • nist_csf_1.1_aws
  • pci_3.2.1_aws
  • rbi_cyber_security_framework_aws
  • soc2_aws

List Requirements of Compliance Frameworks

For each compliance framework, you can use option --list-compliance-requirements to list its requirements:

prowler <provider> --list-compliance-requirements <compliance_framework(s)>

Example for the first requirements of CIS 1.5 for AWS:

Listing CIS 1.5 AWS Compliance Requirements:

Requirement Id: 1.1
    - Description: Maintain current contact details
    - Checks:

Requirement Id: 1.2
    - Description: Ensure security contact information is registered
    - Checks:

Requirement Id: 1.3
    - Description: Ensure security questions are registered in the AWS account
    - Checks:

Requirement Id: 1.4
    - Description: Ensure no 'root' user account access key exists
    - Checks:

Requirement Id: 1.5
    - Description: Ensure MFA is enabled for the 'root' user account
    - Checks:


Create and contribute adding other Security Frameworks

This information is part of the Developer Guide and can be found here: