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Developer Guide

You can extend Prowler Open Source in many different ways, in most cases you will want to create your own checks and compliance security frameworks, here is where you can learn about how to get started with it. We also include how to create custom outputs, integrations and more.

Get the code and install all dependencies

First of all, you need a version of Python 3.9 or higher and also pip installed to be able to install all dependencies required.

Then, to start working with the Prowler Github repository you need to fork it to be able to propose changes for new features, bug fixing, etc. To fork the Prowler repo please refer to this guide.

Once that is satisfied go ahead and clone your forked repo:

git clone<your-github-user>/prowler
cd prowler
For isolation and avoid conflicts with other environments, we recommend usage of poetry:
pip install poetry
Then install all dependencies including the ones for developers:
poetry install --with dev
poetry shell

Contributing with your code or fixes to Prowler

This repo has git pre-commit hooks managed via the pre-commit tool. Install it how ever you like, then in the root of this repo run:

pre-commit install
You should get an output like the following:
pre-commit installed at .git/hooks/pre-commit

Before we merge any of your pull requests we pass checks to the code, we use the following tools and automation to make sure the code is secure and dependencies up-to-dated:


These should have been already installed if you ran poetry install --with dev

You can see all dependencies in file pyproject.toml.

Moreover, you would need to install TruffleHog to check for secrets in the code. You can install it using the official installation guide here.

Pull Request Checklist

If you create or review a PR in please follow this checklist:

Want some swag as appreciation for your contribution?

If you are like us and you love swag, we are happy to thank you for your contribution with some laptop stickers or whatever other swag we may have at that time. Please, tell us more details and your pull request link in our Slack workspace here. You can also reach out to Toni de la Fuente on Twitter here, his DMs are open.